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©1998 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “Animal Tails”  CD/Cassette


1.  Spiders were a tired of weavin’ and a spinnin’

     Thought they might try a little pickin’ and grinnin’

     They said, “Daddy, daddy with your legs so long,

     Make up a dance to go with this song.”

     He said, “This might look a little bizarre,

     But you need 8 legs to go eight-to-the-bar


CHORUS: Arachnid boogie, oh, yeah

                Arachnid boogie, oh, yeah

                You need 8 legs to do this step

                Arachnid boogie is really hep


2.  Put your first leg in and tap your toe

     Put your second leg out pull back real slow

     Leg number three goes out to the side

     Leg number four does the arachnid slide

     Legs five and six give their heels a click

     Legs seven and eight twirl around say, “Hey!”


3.  The mites might do it ‘cause they’re mighty slick

     The tick might do it but he’s a nervous tick

     And when the scorpion comes to cut the rug

     Everybody gets the jitters from that bug

     And all the spiders with their legs so skinny

     They love to do the arachnid boogie!


4.  The worms can’t do ‘cause they don’t have any

     Centipedes can’t do it ‘cause they got too many

     And all the critters with legs two and four

     Can’t do the dance on the arachnid floor

     And all the insects with legs of six

     Can’t get past the arachnid kick!