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©1998 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “Animal Tails”  CD/Cassette


CHORUS: Chameleon, chameleon, chameleon, chameleon, come

                Chameleon, chameleon, chameleon, chameleon, come


1.  Chameleon lives in Madagascar, off the coast of Africa

     Chameleon stays on branches in trees

     Rocking and swaying in the warm breeze


2.  Some of the others can run very fast

     Lose their tail or hide in the grass

     Some look fierce to frighten their foe

     Chameleon change colors and sways to and fro


3.  Chameleon what color will you be?

     Green when you’re happy like leaves on a tree

     When you’re upset you’re as black as the night

     A rainbow of colors for your hearts delight