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©1998 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “Animal Tails” CD/Cassette


CHORUS: Ai  aa   ai  ai  ai,  ai  aa  ai  ai  ai

                Ai  aa  ai  ai  ai,  ai  aa  ai  ai  ai


1.  A little brown bat named Benito, says, “I can eat 500 mosquito.

     And for dessert I say, oh, Senõr, please give me 500 more!”


2.  A long nose bat named Hector says, “I love to drink sweet nectar.

     All the flowers have a nice taste. I always get pollen on my face.”


3.  A pretty fruit bat named Bonita says, “I love the fruit that is sweeter.”

     But she’s not neat when she fly around

     She drop the seed all over the ground


4.  “All the Mexicans love me, for I love the blue agave,”

     Say long-tongue bat Maria. “Without me there’d be no tequila!”


5.  Little black bat named Boris say, “Everyone fear my vampire kiss.

     The blood I drink is not a lot. I only take a tiny drop.”