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©1995 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “C. Shells”  CD/Cassette


1.  Oh the little sand flea, sittin’ in the sand

     On a beautiful island. Down in the Caribbean. The little sand flea.

     Said the little sand flea, “This sand is hot!

     It burn my little flea feet a lot. I better go find a shady spot.”

     The little sand flea.


CHORUS: So he jump, jump, jump. Yes, he jump, jump, jump

                Yes, he jump, jump, jump. The little sand flea.


2.  Little sand flea heard a beautiful sound. So he looked all around.

     Found a steel drum band in town. The little sand flea.

     He jumped into a bowl of lead. The musical notes were painted red.

     But the great big hammer headed straight for his head! So he jumped!


3.  Little sand flea in a hungry mood. Thought he could use a little food.

     Then he smelled something good. The little sand flea.

     When he saw the soup he had a whim. He dove right in for a little swim.

     But the great big spoon was after him! So he jumped!


4.  Now the little sand flea gave a sigh of relief.

     He said, “I don’t need this kind of grief.”

     So he went to rest under a leaf. The little sand flea.

     Old iguana looking for a snack, saw little flea lying under the thatch.

     Quietly he made his attack…Slurp…Gulp…Burp. Now he don’t jump.


CHORUS: He don’t jump, no, no. He don’t jump, no, no.

                He don’t jump, no, no. No more little sand flea.