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©2000 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “Just for Fun!”  CD/Cassette


1.  Let’s go into the foamy brine to see sea creatures that have no spine

     Some look like a bowl of gelatin, that’s because they have no skeleton

     Sea stars and urchins are hard and spiny, like an aquatic porcupiny

     If you sit on one that’s hard and shiny, “Owww,” it’ll hurt your hiney


CHORUS: Some of them wiggle and some of them jiggle

                Some of them undulate

                Swim or fly or glide on by, they are invertebrates

                They are invertebrates


2.  Next we’ll go into the ground, so we can see an invertebrate town

     Some are as long as fifty-foot rope, some you can see with a microscope

     Many have shells as hard as stone, that’s because they have no backbone

     Lots of snails and worms and slugs, ants and uncles, all kinds of bugs


3.  Now let’s look up to the sky, to see invertebrates who like to fly

     Little baby spiderlings, in the air just be-bopping

     They don’t mind not having wings,

     ‘Cause they’re totally rad just air surfing