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©1995 Shelly Craig

C. Shells – “C. Shells”  CD/Cassette


CHORUS: Betcha can’t guess what the puppy did

                What the puppy did, what the puppy did

                Betcha can’t guess what the puppy did

                While you were away


1. You know those high heels Mommy has?

     The pretty gold ones with the bows?

     Well, they’re not high anymore and there’s gold stuff on puppy’s nose.


2.  And the suitcase that Daddy has,

     Brings to work, sometimes forgets?

     Well, it doesn’t have a handle now and the papers are kinda wet.


3.  And the teddy little sis loves. Holds all the time, it’s named Pooh bear

     Well, it’s kinda empty and floppy now and there’s white stuff everywhere.


4.  And the roast that was on the counter, that we were gonna eat tonight

     Well, mom says we’re goin’ to a restaurant now

     ‘Cause the puppy ate it in only three bites! Chomp, chomp, chomp.