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Shelly Craig Potter


Shelly lives with her husband, Billy, and two teenage daughters Nikki and Erin in Chesapeake, VA. As a kid, Shelly’s dad was in the Navy and they lived and traveled all over the world. She still loves to travel and see new places.

The Potters have had turtles, fish, ferrets, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and dozens of hamsters over the years. Now they have two very loud Siamese cats named Meeko and Jack.


Shelly is the creative one in C. Shells. She can take a silly joke or a phrase she may have heard and before you know it – she’s written a song.  Cindy keeps waiting to hear a song about the time she walked around a local mall with many hamsters in a paper bag and asking people (especially ones with kids in tow) if they would like a free hamster. I guess that explains why she keeps writing songs about hamsters. A gifted song-writer, Shelly has found the perfect outlet for her talent.

Shelly has been a guitar instructor for over 20 years, starting off at the “old” Ramblin’ Conrad’s Music shop on Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk. She taught there for many years, moving whenever the store moved, until the shop closed in 1993. She is currently teaching at Audio, Light and Musical, also in Norfolk. She has taught hundreds of people how to play guitar in styles ranging from folk and bluegrass to finger-style and blues. She is always looking to expand her guitar playing and often takes classes and workshops in guitar and has even gone to guitar camp several summers in a row. She takes great joy in seeing her student’s progress in their playing. An ardent blues fan, Shelly can also be found teaching blues guitar workshops at meetings and festivals for the Natchel Blues Network where she is also a member of the board.

          When she doesn’t have a guitar in her hand she likes to spend time with her daughters and husband, Billy, biking or going to the beach or cooking gourmet meals for her friends and loved ones. You’ll also see her at most concerts and blues festivals in the Hampton Roads area enjoying the music, because that’s why there is music, to be enjoyed.