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©2000 Cindy Kays

C. Shells – “Just for Fun!”  CD/Cassette


CHORUS:  I’m goin’ to the zoo. How ‘bout you?

                 I’m goin’ to the zoo. How ‘bout you?

                 We’re gonna have fun, just me and you

                 ‘Cause we’re goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’ to the zoo


1.  We’re gonna see some tigers and then some bears

     Gonna see a bunch of rabbits they call them hares

     Gonna see a giraffe with his neck in the trees

     Hang out with the pandas and the chimpanzees


2.  We’re gonna see an elephant with his trunk

     He’s goin’ on vacation with a skunk

     We’re gonna see a rhino and honk his horn

     See some little baby ducks that have just been born


3.  We’ll see a hippopotamus swimming in the lake

     And then some pink flamingos with their big long legs

     There’s a duck-billed platypus lookin’ so fine

     Let’s all roar and pretend we’re lions


4.  Look at that gazelle he leaps so high

     Right over our heads, oh, me, oh, my

     Alligators, crocodiles and funny looking snakes

     The peacock fans his tail and he thinks he’s great


5.  The koala’s and the kangaroos are oh, so much fun

     The ostriches and the cheetahs are having a run

     There’s humpty-backed camels and owls of snowy white

     Bats and armadillos and other critters of the night