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            Welcome to our website everyone. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been up and running for a year and a half already. We’ve had great response from everyone who has visited.

          There’s always something new, too. Keep checking back for new pictures from shows over the past year. You can bet if Cindy took pictures at a show you were at, they will be on the website. Just go to the Kid’s Page and click on “photos.” We also update the schedule on a regular basis, so you can find out where and when C. Shells is coming your way for a concert.



          You can now order C. Shells CD’s and cassettes on-line as well as read our newsletters (help us save the trees!), sign-up for our new email newsletter (instead of getting the paper version), check out our performing calendar, find out about Cindy and Shelly, get the lyrics to the songs on all three of our albums as well as other songs we often do in concert but have not yet recorded, send us email and more!

So come on in and have a good time. We’re always looking for ways to improve out site for you, so let us know what you think!




The newest CD by C. Shells, “Cool Cats” is now available at local Hampton-Roads music stores or, better yet, at on line.



Filled with 15 brand new songs, “Cool Cats” is a musical journey filled with fun and silliness. With musical styles ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to folk, jazz to Beatlesque harmonies, the C. Shells reach a new level in their musical career. The songs (9 of which were written by Shelly with one written by Cindy and 3 cover songs) are filled with humor and wittiness, as well as outstanding musicianship.

Local Hampton-Roads musicians who appear on the album are: Charlie Austin: fiddle; Henry Johnson: lead electric guitar; Randy Melton: keyboards; Keith Philbrick: saxophone; Pete VanDerRiet: electric bass; Chris Brydge: upright bass; Dennis Allard: drums; Jim Roberts: bagpipes; Joe Maniscalco: steel drums; Jackie Merritt: harmonica; Beth Wallace (director) and the chorus at Norfolk Collegiate Lower School.

A big thanks goes to Blake Wallace at Indigo Recording in Norfolk. Blake was an incredible engineer as well as an amazing musician. Blake played all of the trumpet parts on the CD as well as much of the percussion. He also came up with great background vocals for us to sing had some wonderful ideas which enhanced the CD tremendously.

Check out the cover art! Mary Britt of North Carolina drew our cover as well as all of the extra kitties that decorate the inside liner notes. We found Mary through Festevents of Norfolk when Shelly and I played at the Town Point Children’s Festival two years ago. Shelly saw the posters for the event and called Festevents to find out who the artist was. They gave us Mary’s contact info and the rest is history. She did an outstanding job of bringing all of our kitties to life

Listen to the MP3 of “I Dig Dinosaur Bones.” Also check out the RealAudio of “Llarry the Llama” and “The Manatee Song.”





November 1, 2006


          What’s new? Lot’s of stuff! Just a little section every so often to let you know what we’ve changed or added to the website. Or just news from C. Shells on our summer and past year.



Don’t forget that we now accept the following credit cards at our live shows – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The credit card sales go through the on-line store where our product is available,



We hope you had a chance to get out and see us this past year at one of our many public shows at the libraries. We were everywhere in Virginia, parts of Delaware and Maryland. We had wonderful turnouts at all of the shows.

In Virginia we performed at libraries in Leesburg, Sterling, Prince William, Manassas, Hampton and more. In Delaware we performed again at our favorite little library in Odessa, as well as a show in Dover in the spring. We played at the Pikesville Library in Maryland and gained new fans there. Even though summer is over, we still have some library shows coming up. Ask your librarian!



Remember my broken foot and broken toe from last summer? Well, guess what I did on Valentine’s Day this year? I broke my foot AGAIN! The same foot!! I broke it on the top this time instead of on the bottom, but it was the same type of break as before.

Shelly and I were doing a school show and we were packing up our cars at the end. I still had one more trip to go and I had to carry some big poster boards down some stairs to the parking lot. I thought I had one more step to go and stepped down but I actually had 2 steps to go and fell down on my right foot. As soon as I feel I realized what I did and made it to my car and drove to the doctor. He took x-rays and sure enough it was broken. He sent me back to the foot doctor.

I went back to the foot doctor and instead of the cast (I was going to go for purple this year J) the doctor said I could just wear a boot. It was so much easier this time. I still wrapped my foot up to take a shower for about the first week but after that I was able to get in the shower (with the help of my crutches) and shower without the boot on. Pretty soon I was able to get around the house without the boot and get in and out of the shower. It was also a lot easier to sleep without the boot on, too.



Shelly’s youngest daughter, Erin, graduated from high school in June. She still hasn’t decided what she wants to do yet, but she still has time. Shelly’s oldest daughter, Nikki, has just enrolled in cosmetology school after a few semesters in community college. Shelly has already had her daughter do some hairstyling on her-with an instructor standing nearby. J

Shelly and I had chance to see Tom Chapin (Grammy-award winning children’s performer) and Red Grammer (multiple-award winning children’s performer) in concert in October. They performed together at the Ferguson Center in Newport News, VA. They were ably accompanied by Tom’s frequent collaborator, Michael Mark. Michael played the xylophone on one song and I turned to Shelly and said, “We are going to have xylophone on our next CD!” What a cool sound. We met the guys after the concert in the lobby and got autographs and even gave them a copy of one of our CD’s.


Tom and Red and Michael, too, are terrific singers and performers. Even with a crowd of (mostly) pre-schoolers and elementary age children, they kept everyone’s interest with lots of singing along, participating in sign language on several songs and more. Their voices have never sounded better and even though they look a little older than their past album covers you would have never known it when they were talking with the kids after the show.


NEW CD FOR 2006!

          We’re very excited! The new CD should, hopefully, be out between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just in time for the holidays. It took a little longer to finish than we anticipated, but that always happens.

          It’s a great CD, probably our best one yet, at least, according to people who have heard it already. All new songs, some written by Shelly, some by Cindy and a couple of old favorites.

The cover art is fantastic! Mary Britt, from North Carolina, transferred our ideas into a great cover. It features all our favorite kitties-Shelly’s kitties, Jack and Meeko; Cindy’s kitties, Katie and Ziggy; Cindy’s mom’s kitties, Snowflake and Tigger and of course, Mary Britt’s kitty, Tin Pan Alley Cat. Llarry the llama also made an appearance on the cover.
      The songs (in order of appearance) include: “Butt Scootch Boogie,” “The Cat Came Back,” “The Manatee Song,” “La Bamba,” “My Cat Jack,” “Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But a Bird,” “Happy Day,” “The Marvelous Toy,” “This Old Man (Was Rockin’ Out!)” “Hot Dog/Cool Cat,” “The Bonnie Monster Nessie,” Llarry the Llama,” “The Little Bitty Spider & the Fly,” “I Dig Dinosaur Bones,” “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (LIVE.)”

          Well, that’s all for now! Check the calendar for updates on new shows. Don’t forget to go to the “FOR KIDS” page of the website and send me your silly jokes. I need some new ones.


                                                                                      Cindy Kays

                                                                                      November 1, 2006




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